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What are column types?

Spreadsheet columns can each be assigned a column type which changes how Geocodio Maps interprets or manipulates the data. There are broadly 4 different categories of column types: Text, category, input geocoding columns and output geocoding columns

  • Text column type: The "Text" type is the standard column type and does not have any special function. There is no limit to how many columns that can have this type assigned.

  • Category column type: By assigning a column as "category" it will be used as a "pivot" or "group by", allowing styling of locations that has the same value. E.g. if you have a spreadsheet of restaurant locations, you could choose "Cuisine" as your category column to assign the same location icon to all retaurants that serve the same cuisine. The "category" column type can only be assigned to one column.

  • Image column type: You can define one or more columns as an image column. Each column should contain a full URL to an externally hosted image file. It can then be displayed in the marker popups that are displayed when a marker is clicked.

  • Input geocoding columns: This will either be a single column defined as "Combined Address" or individual column types such as "Street", "City", "State" and so forth. These columns are used in the geocoding process to determine the latitude/longitude coordinates for the address and where it should be display on the map. Please note that we only support geocoding for US and Canadian locations at this time

  • Output geocoding columns: These will be populated with data from the geocoding process such as latitude, longitude and accuracy scores.

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