Geocodio CLI

Geocode spreadsheets with our command line interface

The Geocodio CLI is available for Linux, macOS and Windows. Use it to geocode spreadsheets and monitor their status from the command line.

Use it from a ETL job or cronjob, or simply to easily queue up many spreadsheets at once.


All commands require a valid API Key, which can be generated from the Geocodio Dashboard.

It can either be supplied using the global --apikey flag, or using an environment variable like so:


Create a new spreadsheet job

In this example, we're using a test file called sample_list.csv.

The full address consists of column A (address), B (city), C (state) and D (zip)

$ ./geocodio create sample_list.csv "{{A}} {{B}} {{C}} {{D}} USA" --fields=cd ✅ Success: Spreadsheet job created Id: 11472143 Filename: sample_list.csv Headers: address | city | state | zip Rows: 24

Read more about the field format parameter in the Geocodio API Docs.

Check the job status

We can check the current job progress using the spreadsheet id returned from the previous command.

$ ./geocodio status 11472143 Id: 11472143 Filename: sample_list.csv Fields: Rows: 24 State: COMPLETED Progress: 100% Message: Completed Time left: - Expires: Jan 21 15:18:31 2022 Download URL:

Download the geocoded file

Once the job has completed, it can be downloaded using the spreadsheet id.

The geocoded spreadsheet data will be outputted to stdout, so we can pipe it to a file to get a completed spreadsheet.

$ ./geocodio download 11472143 > sample_list_geocoded.csv

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