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Batch geocoding

Whether you have 100 or 100,000,000 addresses, we can help you.

Partial address parsing

Geocodio will automatically add missing components to an address and can parse complex addresses such as intersections.

Get more data

Append Congressional districts, state legislative districts, Census blocks, timezones and more to any address.

Flexible Terms of Use

Use the data however you want with no restrictions.

Spelling correction

Geocodio will automatically correct minor typos and inconsistencies.

Address normalization

Geocodio breaks addresses into standardized, individual components in a consistent format.

Data Appends

Enrich your address data with additional details from a smorgasbord of data appends, available through our API and spreadsheet upload tool.

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC


{ "name": "America/New_York", "abbreviation": "EST", "utc_offset": -5, "observes_dst": true }

Census Data

{ "2019": { "census_year": 2019, "state_fips": "11", "county_fips": "11001", "tract_code": "006202", "block_code": "1031", "block_group": "1", "full_fips": "110010062021031", "place": { "name": "Washington", "fips": "1150000" }, "metro_micro_statistical_area": { "name": "Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV", "area_code": "47900", "type": "metropolitan" }, "combined_statistical_area": { "name": "Washington-Baltimore-Arlington, DC-MD-VA-WV-PA", "area_code": "548" }, "metropolitan_division": { "name": "Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV", "area_code": "47894" }, "source": "US Census Bureau" } }

School Districts

{ "unified": { "name": "District of Columbia Public Schools", "lea_code": "1100030", "grade_low": "PK", "grade_high": "12" } }

State Legislative Districts

{ "senate": { "name": "Ward 2", "district_number": "2" } }

Congressional Districts

[ { "congress_number": "116th", "congress_years": "2019-2021", "district_number": 98, "name": "Delegate District (at Large)", "proportion": 1 } ]

Congressional Legislator Data

[ { "bio": { "birthday": "1937-06-13", "first_name": "Eleanor", "gender": "F", "last_name": "Norton", "party": "Democrat" }, "contact": { "address": "2136 Rayburn House Office Building; Washington DC 20515-5101", "contact_form": null, "phone": "202-225-8050", "url": "" }, "references": { "ballotpedia_id": null, "bioguide_id": "N000147", "cspan_id": "882", "govtrack_id": "400295", "icpsr_id": null, "lis_id": null, "opensecrets_id": "N00001692", "thomas_id": "00868", "votesmart_id": "775", "washington_post_id": null, "wikipedia_id": "Eleanor Holmes Norton" }, "social": { "facebook": "CongresswomanNorton", "rss_url": "", "twitter": "EleanorNorton", "youtube": "EleanorHNorton", "youtube_id": "UChRrAXUGylfxJjbquC6aUjQ" }, "source": "Legislator data is originally collected and aggregated by", "type": "representative" } ]

Address Normalization

Geocodio will intelligently parse any query and correct spelling and naming errors on all components of the address query, including missing or incorrect directionals, suffixes, and prefixes.

Only have a zip code and want city and state? Or do you need to geocode an intersection? For all queries, Geocodio will complete the address and include city, state, zip code, and county.


{ "address_components": { "city": "Arlington", "county": "Arlington County", "state": "VA", "zip": "22204", "country": "US" }, "formatted_address": "Arlington, VA 22204", "location": { "lat": 38.860335, "lng": -77.100868 } }

109 Highland, ARLINGTON ViRGiNo

{ "address_components": { "number": "109", "predirectional": "N", "street": "Highland", "suffix": "St", "formatted_street": "N Highland St", "city": "Arlington", "county": "Arlington County", "state": "VA", "zip": "22201", "country": "US" }, "formatted_address": "109 N Highland St, Arlington, VA 22201", "location": { "lat": 38.874886, "lng": -77.092555 } }

Market and 4th, San Francisco

{ "address_components": { "street": "4th", "suffix": "St", "formatted_street": "4th St", "city": "San Francisco", "county": "San Francisco County", "state": "CA", "zip": "94103", "country": "US" }, "address_components_secondary": { "street": "Market", "suffix": "St", "formatted_street": "Market St", "city": "San Francisco", "county": "San Francisco County", "state": "CA", "zip": "94103", "country": "US" }, "formatted_address": "4th St and Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103", "location": { "lat": 37.785725, "lng": -122.405807 } }

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