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How to Look Up the Census GeoID for Addresses or Properties

Get the 11-digit, 12-digit, or 15-digit GeoIDs for addresses in bulk or for a single property
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How to Format Your Spreadsheet

In this article, we'll discuss how to best format your spreadsheet to get the most accurate possible result from Geocodio's Spreadsheet Uploader tool.

How to Navigate the Geocodio Dashboard

In this article, we'll discuss how to navigate the Geocodio Dashboard to accomplish a variety of different tasks including - accessing your uploaded spreadsheets, creating an API Key, updating your billing and account information, viewing your Usage, etc.

Convert Addresses to Census Tracts

How to convert addressees to FIPS codes, Census tracts, Census blocks, MSAs, CSAs, and more.

How to Calculate Distance Between Two Addresses or Coordinates in a Spreadsheet

This guide walks you through calculating distance between two points using a straight-line approach.

Batch Convert ZIP Codes to Coordinates

How to convert ZIP codes to latitude/longitude coordinates in bulk.

Add ZIP+4 to Addresses or Coordinates

How to add ZIP+4 (Full ZIP9), Carrier Route IDs, and more to addresses.

Find Carrier Route IDs to Addresses

How to find the USPS Carrier Route IDs for addresses in bulk.

Split Addresses into Street, City, State and ZIP

How to divide (parse) addresses into street, city, state and ZIP in bulk.

How to Parse and Standardize Addresses

How to parse and standardize US and Canadian addresses using Geocodio.

How to Add Census FIPS Codes, Blocks, and Tracts to a Spreadsheet of Addresses

Video and text tutorial on how you can find the Census FIPS codes to a spreadsheet of addresses

How to Geocode Addresses in Excel

How to get latitude/longitude coordinates into an Excel spreadsheet.

How to Turn Coordinates into Addresses

Batch convert latitude/longitude US or Canadian coordinates into addresses.

How to Integrate Geocoding into a CRM or App

Geocoding that can be integrated into CMSes or apps.

Turn Addresses into a Map

How to turn US or Canadian addresses into a map using Geocodio.

How to Add Geolocation to MLS Data

Working with messy MLS data that's missing coordinates, parts of the address, school districts, or other key information? See how to standardize and enrich it with Geocodio.

Find the Nearest Large City for an Address

If you need to find the nearest large city for an address, adding Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) can help.

Add Time Zones to Addresses or Coordinates

How to add timezones to US and Canadian addresses or coordinates.

ZIP Codes to Congressional Districts

How to convert ZIP codes to Congressional districts in bulk.

Find Senator and Representative Phone Numbers and Emails in Bulk

Bulk add Congressional Senator and Representative contact information to a spreadsheet or via API.

Add Congressional Contact Info and Add to Mailchimp

Helping people contact Congress? See how to add Senator and Representative contact information to addresses or coordinates.

Addresses or Coordinates to Congressional District

See how to convert addresses or coordinates to Congressional districts.

Find State Legislative Districts for Addresses

How to convert addresses to state legislative districts in bulk.

Find Ridings for Addresses

Working with Canadian electoral data? See how to find the riding for an address.

Find Counties for Addresses

How to find the counties for addresses in bulk.

Lookup Statistics Canada Geographies for Addresses

Convert addresses or coordinates to Statistics Canada geographies such as Division IDs.

Geocode in Google Sheets

How to convert addresses to latitude/longitude coordinates in Google Sheets

Reverse Geocoding in Google Sheets

How to convert latitude/longitude to addresses in Google Sheets

Create Metabase Maps with Geocodio and Laravel

This tutorial will show you how to pull in all the geographical data you need from Geocodio to fully utilize Metabase maps, complete with production-ready Laravel code.

How To Build A Rails Backend Using Geocodio

This tutorial will show you how to build a Rails backend app that retrieves information about a user's Congressional District from the Geocodio API.

Geocoding NYC City Council Districts with & Turf.js

See how to integrate use Geocodio with custom geoJSON, in this case, NYC City Council districts.

How to Geocode a Single Address Using a Ruby Library

This tutorial will show you how to use the .geocode() method of our Ruby Library to geocode a single address.

How to Reverse Geocode a Pair of Coordinates Using a Ruby Library

This tutorial will show you how to use the .reverse() method of our Ruby Library to reverse geocode a coordinate pair.

How to Batch Geocode Using a Ruby Library

This tutorial will show you how to batch geocode an array of addresses and an array of coordinate pairs.

How to Append Fields to Your Geocoded Data with a Ruby Library

This tutorial will show you how to append datasets to your geocoded results.

What is a Congressional District returned as 00 or 98?

The Census Bureau designates certain Congressional districts as 00 and 98. Here's why.

Announcing the New Geocodio Maps

Learn more about the updates we've made to our Geocodio Maps product.

How to Create a Map Using Geocodio Maps

Learn how to create, customize and share a map using Geocodio Maps.

Create An Application Using the Geocodio PHP Library

You'll learn how to integrate the Geocodio API with your PHP application utilizing our PHP library.
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