Create beautiful maps from your list of addresses

A simple and intuitive browser-based tool to create interactive maps to share, embed or print. Work with your data in a spreadsheet and on a map side-by-side.

Built-In Address Geocoding

We will automatically add coordinates for all of your US and Canadian addresses.

Unlimited Page Views for All Maps

When your maps catch fire, the last thing you should worry about is a big bill. We celebrate success with you by including unlimited map views.

Overlay Additional Data

Choose from dozens of built-in layers such as congressional districts, school districts and census-designated areas such as census tracts.

Share and Embed Your Map

Easily embed your map into any website or share a read-only link to your interactive map.

Visualize Your Data, Your Way

Customize colors, icons, popups and more.

Geocode an address. No signup required.

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Geocode and Reverse Geocode Spreadsheets

Up to 1 GB

Upload CSV, TSV, or Excel spreadsheets up to 1 GB. Multiple files can be processed in parallel.

All Columns Retained

We only add data to your spreadsheet. Feel free to leave in identifiers or other data.

Delete Your Data

You're in control of your data. Delete your spreadsheets from our dashboard whenever you want.

Information Technology Management

We use Geocodio to standardize addresses and then append timezones and county codes for a client of ours, a large oil and gas distributor. I’ve worked with geographic data for several decades, and have used a lot of different geocoding products.

I prefer Geocodio because it is powerful and easy to use with a simple billing structure.
Steve Adams, Principal
Information Technology Management
The Sherwin-Williams Company
I love Geocodio. Other services were charging $50-60 to process 12,000 addresses. I tried building Excel VBA linking to Google API to get coordinates, but it took forever and crashed Excel constantly. I should've just gone with Geocodio to begin with!
Ran Ding, Sales Analyst
The Sherwin-Williams Company

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Spreadsheet Formatting

See how to format your Excel, CSV, or TSV spreadsheet for geocoding or reverse geocoding.
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Data Retention Policy

Spreadsheets can be deleted whenever you want from the Geocodio dashboard.


Estimate your costs before uploading your spreadsheet for geocoding.
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