How to Find Ridings for an Address

Geocodio can help you turn addresses (or coordinates) into ridings (also known as Canadian legislative districts).

1. Organize the Data You Want to Look Up Ridings

How to Format Addresses You Want to Convert to Ridings in a Spreadsheet

First, you will need to organize the addresses (or coordinates) into a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet should be consistently laid out in one of the following formats. Make sure you designate the country as "Canada" (exactly, not abbreviated).

Acceptable formats for geocoding spreadsheets: components split into multiple columns or all in a single column

How to Format Coordinates You Want to Convert to Ridings in a Spreadsheet

You can also use Geocodio to convert coordinates to ridings and approximate addresses. You can use either of the following formats, as long as the entire spreadsheet is formatted the same way:

Graphic showing acceptable formats for converting coordinates to ridings (multi-column and single column)

Identify the Addresses or Coordinates You Want to Convert to Ridings via API

Alternatively, if you'd rather programatically convert addresses or coordinates to ridings, you can use the &fields=riding append with our API. See our API documentation here.

2. Upload the Spreadsheet You Want to Add Ridings To

Once your spreadsheet has been formatted, you can upload it through our Upload tool. On Step 3 of the Upload process, you'll want to select "Canadian Ridings", as shown below:

Screenshot of box to click to add ridings to addresses or coordinates

3. Download Your Spreadsheet with Ridings Added

After you press Submit, your spreadsheet will start processing. No need to stay on the page -- we'll send you an email after it's done processing.

Upload a spreadsheet now. No credit card required.

Upload SpreadsheetGet an API Key

Add Ridings to a Spreadsheet

See more about adding ridings to your spreadsheet of addresses or coordinates.

API to Add Ridings

The Geocodio API can help you convert addresses to ridings.