Address Cleanup

Geocodio features advanced spelling correction and address correction features that allow you to standardize and clean up addresses.

Geocodio will also append missing components such a city/state if only a zip code has been specified or automatically determine state/zip if only a city has been specified.

Here's an example:

Input Output
42370 ## Bob Hoppe RANCH MraGE number: "42370"
street: "Bob Hope"
suffix: "Dr"
formatted_street: "Bob Hope Dr"
city: "Rancho Mirage"
county: "Riverside County"
state: "CA"
zip: "92270"
lat: 33.739482744493 lng: -116.40828650441
20003 city: "Washington"
county: "District of Columbia"
state: "DC"
zip: "20003"
lat: 38.881904, lng: -76.990935

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