Address parsing, cleanup, and normalization

Clean up US and Canadian addresses with address parsing, normalization, and completion using Geocodio's spreadsheet tool or API

Avertra Corporation
We bought a list of addresses from the USPS that was incomplete. Using Geocodio, were able to get the missing information for thousands of addresses in a few minutes. It was simple and easy.
Sebastien Benoit, SAP Director
Avertra Corporation
Address parsing, cleanup, and normalization

When working with large amounts of address data, simply standardizing the addresses to make them workable can take longer than doing the actual analysis.

Address cleanup is included with both spreadsheet uploads and API results by default. Geocodio will parse, standardize, and complete all inputs.

If you're pulling together data from multiple sources or user-inputted data, this can be even more time-consuming. Geocodio takes away this frustration by parsing addresses into their components, allowing you to quickly standardize a list of addresses.

You can also add ZIP+4, carrier route, and other data at the same time.

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Address Parsing

Split addresses up into their components: street, city, state, ZIP, and county.

Address Completion

Add missing components, including as city/state (if ZIP given), ZIP (if city/state given), and county.

Address Parsing and Normalization

Get all of the addresses in a consistent format.

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API Documentation

We included parsed and standardized results with all API lookups for both single address and batch processing.
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Download Example

You can download a sample list of addresses that has been run through Geocodio for address parsing and standardization.

Address Parsing Library

If you just need address parsing and don't need geocoding, we recommend using an open-source library like Libpostal. (Not affiliated with Geocodio.)

Add Counties to Addresses

How to add counties to addresses with Geocodio

Address Input Combinations

See the different combinations of address information you can run through Geocodio.

Add ZIP+4

Add ZIP+4, carrier routes, and more to addresses
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