Add Census demographic data, income stats, and more to addresses

Easily and quickly convert addresses or coordinates to Census data including FIPS codes, MSAs, demographics, income, housing, veteran status, education, and more

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Geocodio has allowed us to make marriages between data and discover new things. It's simple, fast, and reliable at scale. It's the Rosetta Stone of geographic data.
Eliot Cresswell, Policy Analyst
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Add Census demographic data, income stats, and more to addresses

Geocodio makes it easy to add key Census American Community Survey (ACS) data points to a list of addresses or coordinates. With the check of a box, you can turn an address into Census data on demographics, household income, education status, housing, veteran status, and more. Upload a spreadsheet of addresses or coordinates to add Census data, or use our API.

Whenever you upload addresses or coordinates to Geocodio to add Census American Community Survey data appends, we'll also add Census geographies such as Census blocks, Census tracts, FIPS codes, and Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas. You can append this data back to 2010. County, Place, Tract and Block FIPS codes are available from the 2000 Census. (ACS data is only available for the most recent ACS year.)

You can also add Canadian Census tracts, divisions, economic regions and more using our StatCan append.

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American Community Survey Data


Total population, population by age range, sex, race and ethnicity

Household Income

Median household income and household income by bracket


Family households, household type by population, and marital status


Occupancy status, ownership of occupied units, units in structure, median value of owner-occupied housing, and value of owner-occupied units

Education & Veteran Status

Population by minimum level of education, veteran status, period of military service for veterans

Census Geographies

FIPS codes, block and tract codes, MSAs, CSAs, and Metropolitan divisions

I've been working with geographic data for the last 10 years or so, and this is the best geocoding product I've ever used. It's extraordinarily simple and modern, and the Census data was a huge plus.
Faaez Ul Haq, Tech Lead Manager, Data Science

Canadian Census Data

Division IDs

Consolidated Subdivisions


Economic Regions

Statistical Areas

Census Metropolitan Areas/Agglomerations

Census Tract Code

Census Year

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See our technical documentation for all of the fields returned with each Census append.
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See all demographic data returned and download a sample file.

Social: Education & Veteran Status

See all education and veteran status data returned and download a sample file.


See all family statistics returned and download a sample file.


See all housing statistics returned and download a sample file.

Household Income

Step-by-step guide to adding Census household income data to addresses or coordinates.

Census Geographies

Add FIPS codes, block and tract codes, and MSAs/CSAs to an address or coordinates

Canadian Census IDs

Add Canadian Census tracts, divisions, and more.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Add FIPS, Blocks, and Tracts to Addresses or Coordinates

This step-by-step guide includes instructions and a video tutorial on how to add FIPS, Census Blocks, and Census Tracts to addresses or coordinates.

Tutorial: Create Metabase Maps with Geocodio and Laravel

This tutorial, complete with code snippets, shows you how to create interactive maps in Metabase with household income data.
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