Thousands of students and academics use Geocodio

Geocodio is used by thousands of schools and universities to easily geocode, reverse geocode, and append data

Drexel University
I prefer the Geocodio service over others because of its intuitive interface, clear instructions/documentation, accuracy, and price. This is a tool that anyone can use, not just data scientists or GIS experts. Geocodio is my go-to resource for geocoding small or large amounts of data.
Neville K. Vakharia, Assistant Professor and Research Director
Drexel University

Academics and students are eligible for an additional 5% discount on all plans.

Just mention to us that you're an academia and provide your official email address and we'll add it to your account.

For research

Geocodio can support high volumes of requests. You can upload spreadsheets up to 1 GB, with no daily processing limit. With our API, you can run multiple batches of 10,000 lookups in parallel. Our Geocodio Unlimited plan can handle up to 4.8M lookups per day for a flat, no-commitment monthly rate.

For those doing bioinformatics or other health-related research projects, please see Geocodio+HIPAA.

For teaching

Geocodio gives every user 2,500 free lookups per day, making it a frictionless tool for professors and teachers to use to teach their students GIS and location data analysis. No credit card or special arrangement is required. You can simply have your students sign up on our website.

Thousands of students and academics use Geocodio

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Easily Enrich Address Data

Geocode and Reverse Geocode

Convert addresses to coordinates or latitude/longitude coordinates to addresses

Geocode Spreadsheets

Upload Excel, CSV, or TSV spreadsheets

Geocoding API

Our API has libraries for popular programming languages including Python, R, PHP/Laravel, and more

Add Census Data

Add FIPS codes, MSAs, and other Census data to connect to government datasets

Add Congress Info

Add Congressional districts and Senator/Representative information to addresses or coordinates

Add Social and Economic Indicators

One-click add Census demographics, household income, and other American Community Survey datasets

Frustration-Free Geocoding

Works on any computer

Web-based with no software downloads required. Works on all operating systems.

Accessible Support

Responsive, real-human support if you or your students ever need help

Data Is Yours

Store and reuse data as you need with no restrictions

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard UniversityUniversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard UniversityUniversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University

Who Votes Without Identification? Using Affidavits from Michigan to Learn About the Potential Impact of Strict Photo Voter Identification Laws

Phoebe Henninger, Marc Meredith PhD, and Michael Morse
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University
Vanderbilt University

Polling Place Changes and Political Participation: Evidence from North Carolina Presidential Elections, 2008-2016

Joshua D. Clinton PhD, Nick Eubank PhD, Adriane Fresh PhD, and Michael E. Shepherd
Vanderbilt University
Ohio University, Oregon State UniversityOhio University, Oregon State University

A Scalable Algorithm For Locating Distribution Centers on Real Road Networks

Saeed Ghanbartehrani PhD, and J. David Porter PhD
Ohio University, Oregon State University

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Unlimited Geocoding and Data Appends

Flat-rate geocoding without commitments -- great for research projects or ongoing research. Includes all data appends, like FIPS codes and Congressional districts. No rate limiting. Geocode 200,000 lookups per hour with each instance. Researchers, teachers, and students get 5% off.
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Terms of Use

Geocodio's terms of use are the most flexible in the industry and permit data to be reused and stored without limitations.

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Teaching your class how to work with geographic information? Everyone gets 2,500 lookups for free per day, so you can have your whole class sign up for free.
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