Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Geocoding

Hassle-free high volume geocoding for fleet tracking and asset tracking with no pesky restrictions

I've been working with geographic data for the last 10 years or so, and this is the best geocoding product I've ever used. It's extraordinarily simple and modern, and the Census data was a huge plus.
Faaez Ul Haq, Tech Lead Manager, Data Science
Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Geocoding

Keeping track of your fleet or assets can be difficult, even when using GPS logging technologies. Thousands or millions of coordinates are collected, but they don't make much sense to the human eye.

With Geocodio, you can geocode and reverse geocode coordinates to approximate addresses and append useful information such as timezones all in the same go. Geocodio can handle huge bulk lists in a snap, or integrate directly into your platform using our API. And, you are free to store or re-use the data -- unlike most geocoders, Geocodio let you keep the results.

Geocodio also has a flexible terms of service that permits asset tracking. Most of the major geocoders forbid using their services for asset or fleet tracking.

Additionally, you can add other pieces of data all at the same time, such as time zones. For example, your fleet may be spread across the country, and you want to make sure that the pings you're getting from your assets are timestamped with the correct time zone.

Have a high volume of data? With our Unlimited plan, you can geocode up to 4.8 million points per day for one flat rate so there are no unwelcome surprises.

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How to Convert Coordinates to Addresses

How to use Geocodio's API or spreadsheet upload to convert coordinates to addresses.
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Terms of Use

Geocodio's terms of use are the most flexible in the industry and allow you to store and reuse data without limitations.

Unlimited Geocoding

Perfect for fleet management and asset tracking, our Unlimited plan is not rate limited and lets you geocode or reverse geocode up to 200,000 lookups per hour for a flat rate. Additional capacity available if needed.

API Documentation

Geocodio's API supports both single-address real time lookups and batch lookups.

Add Time Zones to Coordinates

Getting GPS pings from your trucks or equipment and want to make sure they're timestamped with the proper time zone? We can help.

Processing Over 2 Billion Lookups Per Month

Logistics companies across the US and Canada rely on Geocodio for their real-time geocoding needs, processing over two billion lookups per month. Learn more about our infrastructure and how we ensure high availability.
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