The safety and protection of customer data is important to us.

Data transfer

All data on the geocodio platform (internally and externally) is transferred securely via HTTPS (with the exception of customers who explicitly decide to use the non-HTTPS API endpoint).


We utilize physical, dedicated servers — we are not sharing resources with others. We use a state of the art data center located in Germany that has strict access control with key cards and 24/7 surveillance. Our infrastructure is distributed across multiple physical data centers, operated by the same company for full redundancy.

Data storage

When using our spreadsheet upload tool: The geocoded file is stored securely with Amazon Web Services in the US. You can permanently delete the file at any time via the dashboard.

When using our API: Some API transactions are logged for analytics and Q/A purposes, this data is never shared with third-parties. You are welcome to opt-out of the Q/A process.
We do not log transactions for customers on the "Unlimited" plan as this service is "unmetered".


Read our full terms of use. The privacy policy is outlined in the "Privacy Policy" section.

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