Geocodio is here to help

Our goal is to make it easier for you to work with location data -- without any unnecessary hassles. That's why we have a permissive terms of use, take customer suggestions seriously, and treat our customers how we'd want to be treated ourselves.

We started Geocodio in 2014 because it was a product we needed ourselves for our own work. The pricing and terms of existing geocoding services meant we couldn't use them. That customer-first perspective is something that informs all of our decisions.

You deserve to be heard and helped. That's why you'll get emails from us directly, asking about your experience. It's also why you'll get one of the founders when you reach out for support. We actively want to hear your ideas for how we can improve.

You should be able to get the data you need, and then get on with your work. We work to make our software as easy to use as possible, whether you're a developer and want a nice and simple API, or have a spreadsheet. We think you should be able to get the data you need all in one place -- in one format, with one set of terms, with one price. And after you get the data, we don't impose any restrictions on how you use it. Unlike most services, we're not going to stand over your shoulder and put a bunch of restrictions on how you use it: whether that's limiting which maps you use it with or whether you can store it. That's a pain. We are here to make things easier for you.

Thoughts for how we can improve? Please reach out. We would love to hear from you.