Geocoder built for batch processing

Geocodio places no restrictions on how you use or store the data, and can support data pipelines of hundreds of millions of lookups per day.

Workforce Development Institute
Geocodio has allowed us to make marriages between data and discover new things. It's simple, fast, and reliable at scale. It’s the Rosetta Stone of geographic data.
Eliot Cresswell, Policy Analyst
Workforce Development Institute
Geocoder built for batch processing

Collecting and combining datasets is time consuming. We're here to save you time, money, and frustration by making it easy to add commonly-used datasets, such as Census data.

Our geocoder can integrate smoothly with your ETL or analytics process. Use our API to integrate with Confluent, Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Fivetran, FlyData, SnapLogic and other analytics platforms.

Sextant USA

Sextant performs sophisticated geographic analysis for major international brands in the motor vehicle industry.

They bring the sophisticated decision-making technology enjoyed by the light vehicle consumer car industry to other motor vehicle segments, including motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, commercial trucks, and marine.

Sextant’s cloud-based platform provides clients with rapid geographic reports powered by innovative algorithmic-based processing along with what-if and open point analysis to optimize their dealer operations, dealer development, and marketing. Sextant’s platform and back office services helps their clients analyze how their dealers are performing, where new dealers should be located and to target customers that are the most ready to purchase new vehicles or might be open to switching brands.

Sextant uses Geocodio as one of the building blocks underlying their technology.

Using Geocodio allows us to offload work that could otherwise regularly consume hours, if not days of time from our analysts. This allows us to focus on what really matters to our customers."
Larry Daniel, Managing Director
Sextant USA

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Store data without restrictions

Geocodio's terms are the most permissive of any geocoder, and allow you to store, transform, and resell data without restrictions.
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Add additional data all in the same request

Add Census data, time zones, Congressional districts, school districts, ridings, and more all in the same request. No more hitting multiple APIs or using several services to accomplish one task.

Unlimited Geocoding

Our Unlimited plan is not rate limited and gives you dedicated hardware. Process up to 4.8 million lookups per day with a single instance, and add additional capacity if needed. All features and data appends included.

Calculate Distance Between Two Points in Excel

This tutorial walks you through how to calculate the straight-line distance between two points using the haversine formula in Excel, and includes an Excel template.

Tableau Geocoding

Add rooftop-level accuracy geocoding to your Tableau maps.

ArcMap Batch Geocoding Not Working?

If ArcMap geocoding isn't working, it may be because you've run out of credits. Geocodio is an easy-to-use alternative with transparent pricing.
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