Geocodio+HIPAA: a fully HIPAA-compliant geocoder

HIPAA-compliant geocoding API and spreadsheet upload. Geocode and reverse geocode PHI and PII.

American Red Cross
This resource is incredibly valuable for a nonprofit organization like ours. It enables us to be ready to respond to natural disasters and save lives more effectively.
Francisca Herrera
American Red Cross

Save yourself the time and frustration of setting up and managing a locally-hosted open source geocoder with our separate platform specifically tailored for healthcare use.

Geocodio+HIPAA: a fully HIPAA-compliant geocoder

With Geocodio+HIPAA, you can geocode and reverse geocode PII and PHI, put them on a map, and add Census data, ZIP+4, timezones, Congressional districts and Congressional contact information, and state legislative districts.

  • Quickly convert PII and PHI into latitude/longitude

  • Append useful additional information like school districts, Census demographics, and FIPS codes to PII and PHI

  • Clean up and standardize addresses by normalizing street names and appending city, county, state, and zip code

Scalable and Secure


Batch and single requests


Geocode and enrich PHI and PII in spreadsheets


Responsive, real-human support if you ever need help

High Volume

Process up to 5M lookups per day with the base plan

Flexible Terms

Store and cache geocodes and normalized addresses without any usage restrictions


Common security review questions and penetration test results available upon request

American Osteopathic Association
American Red Cross

Selected Security Controls

Business Associate Agreements (BAA)

Encryption at rest and transit

Full chain of compliance

Third-party certified HIPAA-compliance by SecurityMetrics

Annual external pentests conducted by third-party

Mandatory 2FA and strict password policies

Audit logs

Access controls

Get started with the most flexible HIPAA-compliant geocoder

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FIPS Codes Appends

Geocodio's Census FIPS codes, block and tract code appends make it easy to connect your data to government datasets.


See pricing for Geocodio's HIPAA-compliant geocoder.

Census Data Appends

Enrich your patient address data with Census demographic data, household income, and more.

Congressional and State Legislative Districts

Need to add Congressional districts or state legislative districts to patient addresses? We can help.


We're happy to sign your BAA, or you can sign ours. Please contact us to discuss.
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