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What happens to my existing spreadsheet columns?

Your existing spreadsheet columns will be kept as-is. The final geocoded spreadsheet will be identical except for the additional geocoding data columns that we add.

How long does it take to geocode my spreadsheet?

You'll see a real-time estimate as soon as you upload a spreadsheet at the bottom of the page. You can also see an estimate here.

How much does it cost?

You will see an estimate at the bottom when you upload your file. You can also get an estimate here.

Which countries do you support?

We support forward and reverse geocoding in the US and Canada. Addresses in Canada must be labeled "Canada."

How and when do I pay?

You'll be charged on the 1st of the following month. We support all major credit cards. See more here.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. We use Stripe, a trusted payments processor. All credit card information is kept securely with Stripe and not on our servers.

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Batch Geocode a Spreadsheet

Bulk geocode lists of US and Canadian addresses to latitude/longitude or reverse geocode lists of latitude/longitude

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Error! Please ensure that a city and state or postal code is supplied. Proceed with caution.

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If not, see our spreadsheet formatting guide.



We geocoded a small sample of your list. Please confirm that the results are as expected.

Note: The map is just for visualization purposes, you will also receive a downloadable CSV file with the following normalized columns appended:
Latitude Longitude Accuracy Score Accuracy Type Number Street Unit Type Unit Number City State County Zip Country



Do you want to append any additional fields?

This will add four additional columns with the timezone name, abbreviation, its UTC offset and whether it observes Daylight Saving Time.

This will append 3 additional columns, with the riding for the specified address in Canada. The riding code is returned along with the French and English name for the riding.

This will add 21 additional columns with the Census division, consolidated subdivision, subdivision, economic region, statistical area, CMA/CA as well as the census tract for the given location.

This will add up to 16 additional columns with USPS ZIP+4 and deliverability values.

This will add up to 14 additional columns with Census tract/block and FIPS codes for state/county/place. This also adds MSA, CSA and metropolitan division codes when applicable.

This will add American Community Survey demographic results for each address.

This includes median age, population by age range, sex, race and ethnicity.

This will add American Community Survey family results for each address.

This includes household type (married-couple, living alone, etc.), household type by population and marital status by gender.

This will add American Community Survey economics results for each address.

This includes number of households, median household income and household income categorized by amount.

This will add American Community Survey housing results for each address.

This includes number of housing units, occupancy status, owners versus renters, units per structure, median value of housing units and value of housing units categorized by amount.

This will add American Community Survey social results for each address.

This includes level of education, veteran status, period of military service (if veteran).

This will add 12 additional columns. For each row we will either append a unified school district or elementary/secondary school districts.

This will add two additional columns with the lower and upper state legislative districts for the address (House and Senate).

This will add 2 additional columns with the Congressional district and congress number for the address.

This will add 42 additional columns with the current House and Senate legislator's bio/contact/social information.

Additional fields count as a lookup each. Please see pricing for more info.



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