Latitude/Longitude Coordinates to Addresses

How to convert coordinates to addresses. Store them in a database, use them in an application, or resell them as part of your services.

This article walks you through how to turn US and Canadian latitude/longitude coordinates (GPS coordinates, lat/lon) into approximate addresses.

This can be useful in a wide variety of situations, such as fleet/asset tracking, logistics, and advertising.

Unlike many geocoders, Geocodio does not have any usage restrictions, so you are free to store the addresses in your database, use them in an application or on your website, or even resell them as part of your own services.

Decide whether you want to convert coordinates to addresses via API or spreadsheets

Geocodio has a reverse geocoding API and also the ability to upload a spreadsheet of addresses.

Many people do both. For example, you may need to convert your current database of coordinates into addresses and then have more coming in on a regular basis, in which case you might upload a CSV or Excel file of coordinates, put the addresses into your database, and then integrate the API for your ongoing needs.

Latitude/Longitude Coordinates to Addresses via API

The Geocodio API can turn US and Canadian latitude/longitude coordinates into approximate addresses.

1. Create an API Key to turn Lat/Lon into Addresses

The first step is to create an account and then create an API key. Creating an account and an API key are both free, with no credit card or other payment information required at set-up. You can run up to 2,500 lookups for free per day.

Create an API key here

2. Get set up with the single or batch API to turn GPS coordinates into addresses

You can do single requests or batches of up to 10,000 lookups.

You can see our documentation for reverse geocoding here.

Optional Step 3. Add other data to coordinates

In the same request, you can also add other data you might need, like time zones, Congressional districts, Census FIPS codes, Census household income data, or other information. You can see the full list of available appends in our documentation.

Turn a Spreadsheet of Latitude/Longitude Coordinates into Addresses

Alternatively, you may have a spreadsheet of latitude/longitude coordinates that you want to convert into approximate addresses.

Note that we do not remove any data from spreadsheets. We simply add columns. You can download an example results file here.

1. Organize the coordinates you want to convert to addresses in a spreadsheet

The first step is to put the coordinates in a consistent format: latitude and longitude can be in separate columns, or they can be combined into one column.

Multiple column format:

Latitude Longitude
38.8859111 -76.9965694
45.5045128 -73.621345

One-column format:

Latitude and Longitude

However, the formats cannot be mixed, as below:

Latitude Longitude
38.8859111 -76.9965694

You can download example files here.

2. Upload the spreadsheet of coordinates to Geocodio for processing

Next, go to the Geocodio upload tool and upload the spreadsheet. After you confirm the columns, you'll be shown a preview of the results to make sure everything looks as expected. Next, you can add additional data, such as Census FIPS codes, time zones, Congressional districts, and more.

3. Download the completed file with addresses added to your coordinates

After you press Submit, your spreadsheet will be automatically processed. You do not need to stay on the dashboard in order for the file to process. We will send you an email when processing is done, and you will be able to download a CSV directly from the email.

If your file was over 2,500 lookups and you use our pay-as-you-go plan, you will be charged on the first of the following month for the upload. For example, if you upload the file on May 15th, you will be charged on June 1.

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API Documentation

You can use the Geocodio API to turn latitide/longitude coordinates into addresses.

Data Appends

All of our data appends, including time zones, Census data, and political districts are available with reverse geocoding as well.

Fleet Management & Asset Tracking

Many geocoders, like Google, prohibit fleet management, asset tracking, and logisitics companies from using their services. Not Geocodio.

Create an API Key

You can create an API key for free on the Geocodio Dashboard.
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