High-volume geocoding and data enrichment for organizations with advanced security requirements


Secure and Tested

Enterprise is designed to meet the heightened security and data handling requirements of complex organizations meet SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

  • SOC 2 Type II audited
  • Annual third-party penetration testing
  • Hosted in the US with choice between East and West Coast hosting

Built for high-volume geocoding

You'll receive dedicated instance. Each instance can process up to 3,333/lookups/hour when optimized with batch processing (or 5 million lookups per day).

  • Base subscription includes one dedicated instance
  • Additional instances available to scale linerarly
  • Automatically load-balanced for optimal performance

Usable by developers and non-developers alike

Like our standard self-service options, our Enterprise product supports geocoding and data enrichment via API and spreadsheet uploads. (Note that for security reasons, the Lists API is not available.)

  • Single and batch API geocoding endpoints
  • CSV/XLSX/TSV file uploads
  • All data appends included

Complex procurement process? No problem.

Each organization has their own procurement process. We understand that it takes time to get new vendors through the system and that different departments, like accounting, legal, and IT security will have their own requirements to check off.

  • Happy to provide our SOC 2 Type II and penetration test reports
  • Custom contracts available with annual agreements
  • Add-on SLAs available to meet your support and uptime requirements

Try before you buy

Onboarding a new vendor can take time. There shouldn't be any surprises about the product you're getting, how it works, or what the interface looks like.

  • Upload sample data with our self-service pay-as-you-go before proceeding so you know the results will suit your needs
  • Run up to 2,500 lookups for free per day with pay-as-you-go, either via API or spreadsheet upload

Complies with HIPAA/HITECH

If you're working with PHI/PII that is subject to HIPAA, our Enterprise plan has a full chain of HIPAA compliance.

  • We'll sign your Business Associate Agreement (BAA), or you can sign ours
  • One-month/month-to-month option available
  • Academic/non-profit discounts available

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Scalable and Secure


Batch and single requests


Geocode and enrich data in XLS and CSV spreadsheets

Add-On SLA

Multiple add-on SLA options

High Volume

Base subscription can process 5 million lookups per day with batch processing

Permissive Terms

Store and reuse data without usage restrictions


SOC 2 Type II audit report and penetration test results available upon request

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Geocodio's Enterprise product achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Geocodio Enterprise was audited by Prescient Assurance in accordance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards.
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HIPAA-Compliant High Volume Geocoding

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