Geographic data for journalists

Geographic data for journalists

Thousands of news organizations across the country, from the Philadelphia Inquirer to the Texas Tribune, have used Geocodio as an underlying part of their reporting and analysis.

That's not to mention the hundreds of journalism classes and professors that have used Geocodio to teach data-driven journalism -- from the City College of New York to Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

News organizations pick Geocodio because of its ease of use, affordability, and flexible terms of use. Unlike most geocoders, you can upload a spreadsheet and use the results however you want without any licensing restrictions or attribution requirements.

With Geocodio, you can append additional data to address data, such as Census data, Congressional districts, and state legislative districts.

Arizona Daily Star

Due to several changes over at Google, we’ve decided to make Geocodio our provider for geocoding. We previously did some bulk geocoding through Geocodio and liked it well enough but didn’t want to break existing code that was working fine. Well, Google was kind enough to break our code for us. Within minutes we switched to Geocodio and our software works again!

We like that Geocodio’s service is more accurate, faster, offers more data, costs less, and has fewer restrictions than Google while presenting responses in a similar enough result format to the Google Maps geocoder that makes it easy to move over existing code.

Thomas Hruska, Web Developer


David Eads, News Applications Developer

Practical R for Mass Communication and Journalism

Sharon Machlis, Director, Editorial Data and Analytics, at IDG Communcations

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Get a private instance of Geocodio with no rate limiting. Process up to 4.8M lookups per day, including data appends. No commitment required.

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Quickly add Congressional districts, Census household income data, demographic data, and more to addresses.

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