Add Time Zones to Addresses or Coordinates

Geocodio is built for bulk geocoding and data matching.

Have addresses or latitude/longitude coordinates and need to add the time zones? This guide will show you how to add them in bulk using Geocodio.

1. Identify the Addresses, Cities, or Coordinates You Want to Add Time Zones To

Geocodio supports converting the following types of location data into time zones:

  • Street addresses (Street + City + State + ZIP)
  • Cities (City + State)
  • ZIP Codes
  • States
  • Latitude/Longitude Pairs

2. Upload a Spreadsheet of Addresses or Coordinates and Add Timezones

If your location data is in a spreadsheet, you can upload it here and select "Time Zones" in Step 3 of the upload process. You can download a sample output here.

3. Use our API to Convert Addresses or Coordinates to Timezones

Alternatively, you can integrate our API into your application and add time zone information. You can see more in our technical documentation, including a sample output.

(Can I use Geocodio's API to get time zone data even if it's for fleet tracking/asset management?)

Unlike most geocoding providers, we allow fleet management and asset tracking (most geocoders prohibit that use case). See more about the restrictions of other geocoding providers here.

4. Use the Time Zone Data for Addresses or Coordinates

The data we return for time zones includes all of the following below. Simply grab this data from the completed spreadsheet or the API results and you're good to go.

  • Timezone name (ex., America/Denver)
  • UTC offset
  • Whether the location observes Daylight Saving Time
  • Timezone abbreviation (ex., MST)
Information Technology Management

We use Geocodio to standardize addresses and then append timezones and county codes for a client of ours, a large oil and gas distributor. I’ve worked with geographic data for several decades, and have used a lot of different geocoding products. I prefer Geocodio because it is powerful and easy to use with a simple billing structure.

Steve Adams, Principal, Information Technology Management

Timezone data returned

  • Timezone name (ex., America/New_York)
  • UTC Offset (ex., -5)
  • Observes DST (true/false)
  • Abbreviation (ex., EST)


Spreadsheet Upload

  • Upload a CSV, TSV, Excel, or ZIP file
  • One-click add in Step 3 of the upload

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Sample Output

See the data we return and download a sample spreadsheet with time zones added.

API Documentation: Timezones

See how to integrate our API to add time zone data to your application.

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