Geocodio makes it easy to append timezones to geographic data

Append timezones and UTC offsets to addresses or coordinates

Information Technology Management

We use Geocodio to standardize addresses and then append timezones and county codes for a client of ours, a large oil and gas distributor. I’ve worked with geographic data for several decades, and have used a lot of different geocoding products. I prefer Geocodio because it is powerful and easy to use with a simple billing structure.

Steve Adams, Principal, Information Technology Management

Timing the delivery of your email campaigns by the receiver’s time zone can increase open and click rates. For example, an email that hits your East Coast subscribers at 10 am may hit them at the right time, but your West Coast subscribers may still be crawling out of bed.

With Geocodio, you can turn a subscriber's address into a latitude/longitude pair (geocode) and add their time zone. You can then import this list into your email marketing platform and segment your list by time zone, allowing you to create sends for each time zone (exact implementation will vary based on the email marketing platform you use).

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