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If I ever have a question or need help troubleshooting, I know I can reach somebody who can help me. Contrary to a lot of companies, with Geocodio you get a human being on the other end who is highly skilled and eager to help.
Eliot Cresswell, Policy Analyst
The Workforce Development Institute

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get an estimate?

You can use our pricing calculator to generate an estimate. If you need a formal quote, please email us.

Do you support countries outside of the US and Canada?

No. We currently only support the US and Canada.

How can I report a low-accuracy result?

You can report issues with results using the Report Accuracy Errors link below. This will put them directly into our engineering queue for investigation.

Can I keep the results?

Yes. You can cace, store, reuse, or resell results without restrictions. See our Terms of Use below.

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You deserve to be able to test software and see if it fits your needs before you purchase. See here for more on testing Geocodio.
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Report Accuracy Errors

Report issues with address/coordinate results here.

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We never share or sell your data. Ever.

Terms of Use

See our Terms of Use.

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Wondering how much your data will cost to process? You can use our pricing calculator to see how much it might cost, before you upload a file.

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