Add Congressional districts, Congress contact information, and more to a spreadsheet of addresses

Geocodio allows you to quickly add Congressional districts, Congressperson/Senator information, state legislative districts, Canadian federal ridings, Canadian provincial/territorial ridings, and more to addresses or coordinates.

Add Congressional districts, Congress contact information, and more to a spreadsheet of addresses

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Unlike most geocoders, we let you store the results in your database and don't put restrictions on how you use the results. We also don't throttle requests. Geocodio is end-to-end designed to take the frustration out of geocoding and data matching. Give it a try — your first 2,500 lookups per day are free.

Data Matching

In addition to data matching, Geocodio makes it easier to work with address data by automatically standardizing, parsing, and completing addresses. If you're working with data compiled from multiple sources, running it through Geocodio can make it easier to work with. is the largest non-profit, non-partisan voting information platform. It makes it easy for people to find their polling place, the candidates on their local ballot, and other election information. In 2018, they helped over 5 million people find their polling places and get information about the candidates in their races.

Behind the scenes, used Geocodio as part of their stack to connect voter addresses to Congressional districts. They then used this data to help voters get ready for the election through ballot information, registration deadlines, and polling place information. Ahead of Election Day, they emailed reminders to over 5 million people and text-message reminders to 2 million people.

Before Geocodio, they were using a tool that provided Congressional districts based on ZIP codes, which was 95% accurate. But that 5% error rate was too high, as people might get the wrong information about the election. That led them to look for a new solution, and led them to Geocodio.

In elections, we can’t have even a 5% tolerance for error. Geocodio gave us the accuracy we needed to give people the correct information about the election and remind them to vote.
Debra Cleaver, CEO and Founder

Congressional Districts

District Name

District Number

Congress Number

Congress Years

Senator & Rep. Info (Congress)





Website & Contact Form

DC Address & Phone Number

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube IDs

Reference IDs (Wikipedia, Thomas, OpenSecrets, etc)

Census Data

State FIPS

Place FIPS

Census Tract Code

Census Block Code

Census Block Group

Metro-Micro Statistical Area (MSA)

Combined Statistical Area (CSA)

Metropolitan Division

School Districts

District Name(s)

LEA Code

Grade (low)

Grade (high)

Workforce Development Institute

The Workforce Development Institute makes linkages between policy makers, businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations across New York State to drive workforce and economic growth. They use Geocodio to normalize their address data and quickly gather key additional insights that help them tailor their analysis to each audience.

For example, a high school may want to know which businesses in their area are hiring CNC machinists or a Legislator may request data on job openings, in-demand skills, and workforce training in their district. From a data perspective, this means marrying address data to school districts, state legislative districts, Congressional districts, and Census data.

Geocodio has allowed us to make marriages between data and discover new things. It's simple, fast, and reliable at scale. It's the Rosetta Stone of geographic data.
Eliot Cresswell, Policy Analyst
Workforce Development Institute
Back on the Road California

Stopped, Fined, Arrested: Racial Bias in Policing and Traffic Courts in California

Bingham, Castaldi, Della-Piana, et, al.
Back on the Road California
United States Supreme Court

Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee

Expert Report of Jonathan Rodden, PhD
United States Supreme Court
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Measuring Alcohol Outlet Density: A Toolkit for State and Local Surveillance

MD Fliss, JB Mesnick, and MB Esser
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

The Importance of Technology Investments for Community Bank Lending and Deposit Taking During the Pandemic

Quarterly Banking Profile: Second Quarter 2021
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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