Political & Civic Data

Are you working with addresses that you’d like to turn into coordinates and match with political or civic data? Whether you’re working for a campaign, a newspaper, a non-profit, a public affairs effort, or even a non-political entity, you can easily turn addresses into latitude/longitude pairs (geocodes) and add political or civic data, all in one request. For example, you might...

With Geocodio, you can turn an address into a latitude/longitude pair and match it with Congressional districts, school districts, and/or state legislative districts at the same time. You can upload a spreadsheet, use our API for bulk requests (up to 10,000 records in one request), or use our API for transactional requests.

Unlike many other geocoding providers, there are no restrictions with regard to how you use the data you run through Geocodio. Most geocoding providers forbid you from storing the data in a CRM system or require you to display the data publicly on their branded map. Geocodio has absolutely zero restrictions, so you’re free to use the data as you wish. And since you can look up both the latitude/longitude coordinates and the political data with one request, you don’t need to use multiple providers. Plus. you can upload a spreadsheet, making it friendly for developers and non-developers alike.

There are many other uses for political and civic data. If you’re wondering whether Geocodio would be a fit for your needs, please email us directly.

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