Tens of thousands of companies trust Geocodio for their location data. Whether you’ve got 100 rows of data or 100 million, we can help you get the data you need and get on with your work with minimal hassles.

Associated Press
Cushman & Wakefield
American Red Cross
PNC Bank
Sherwin Williams logo

I love Geocodio. Other services were charging $50-60 to process 12,000 addresses. I tried building Excel VBA linking to Google API to get coordinates, but it took forever and crashed Excel constantly. I should've just gone with Geocodio to begin with!

— Ran Ding, Sales Analyst, The Sherwin-Williams Company
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If I ever have a question or need help troubleshooting, I know I can reach somebody who can help me. Contrary to a lot of companies, with Geocodio you get a human being on the other end who is highly skilled and eager to help.

— Eliot Cresswell, Policy Analyst, the Workforce Development Institute
American Red Cross

This resource is incredibly valuable for a nonprofit organization like ours. It enables us to be ready to respond to natural disasters and save lives more effectively.

— Francisca Herrera, American Red Cross
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Using Geocodio allows us to offload work that could otherwise regularly consume hours, if not days of time, from our analysts. It allows us to focus on what really matters to our customers.

— Larry Daniel, Managing Director, Sextant
Expert Networks

The Geocodio service is awesome. We searched a long time for an affordable, fast geocoder — Geocodio has been perfect!

— Expert Networks
Drexel University

I prefer the Geocodio service over others because of its intuitive interface, clear instructions/documentation, accuracy, and price. This is a tool that anyone can use, not just data scientists or GIS experts. Geocodio is my go-to resource for geocoding small or large amounts of data.

Neville K. Vakharia, Assistant Professor and Research Director, Drexel University