Powering thousands of real estate applications

Real Estate geocoding for MLS listings and more. Put addresses on a map and integrate location data, school districts, and more into your application.

Powering thousands of real estate applications

Whether you are working with MLS listings or other real estate property listings, Geocodio can help you.

Geocodio powers thousands of real estate-related applications around the US and Canada, from mobile apps for home buyers to databases for home insurance companies.

What We Provide


Quickly convert addresses into latitude/longitude to display properties on a map

Data appends

Append useful additional information like school districts and Census data

Address normalization

Clean up and standardize addresses by normalizing street names and appending city, county, state, and zip code


SimplyRETS is a platform for developers and agents to build real estate applications and websites with the listing and market data from their local MLS. It syncs a large number of real estate feeds on behalf of agents, brokers, and other technology companies building real estate technology across the United States and Canada. They integrate geocoding in regions where accurate geocode data for addresses is unavailable. SimplyRETS uses Geocodio because of its user experience, affordability, and ease of use. Before Geocodio, they tried several do-it-yourself options including bootstrapping entire TIGER data sets into PostGIS, Nominatim, and even several other commercial options, all of which were either too expensive or did not have a good developer experience which cost their team significant time.

The Geocodio API has been extremely stable and accurate. We've had virtually zero downtime in years and it has maintained backwards compatibility the whole time. For the price point, it's an incredible deal and saves our developers a ton of time.
Christopher Reichert, Co-Founder & Director of Development

Scalable, easy-to-use tools

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Integrate our RESTful API or upload a spreadsheet

Here to help

Responsive, real-human support if you ever need help

Scales with you

No rate limiting or throttling means we won't hold you back when your product takes off (for the Unlimited plan)

Store Data

Store and cache geocodes and normalized addresses without any usage restrictions

Straightforward pricing

Transparent pricing with a generous free tier for testing

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Add Geolocation to MLS Data

MLS datasets are often missing latitude/longitude coordinates for many properties. Here's how you can add them.
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Add Major Metros to Addresses

Cluster addresses by nearest large city using MSAs and CSAs.

API Documentation

Use our API to integrate location coordinates into your tools.
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