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Compare pricing, usage restrictions, features, and coverage for Google, Bing, Here, Smarty (SmartyStreets), Mapbox, TomTom and Geocodio

  Geocodio Smarty (SmartyStreets) Google Bing Here Mapbox TomTom
Free Lookups 2,500/day Depends 40,000/month 10,000/month avg. 1,111/day 100,000/month 2,500/day
Pay-As-You Go $0.10-0.50 per 1,000 $4-5 per 1,000 n/a n/a Free-$5 per 1,000 €0.50 per 1,000
Unlimited Subscription $1,000/month $15,000/year for ZIP+9 level accuracy; not publicly listed for rooftop or international
Subscription Required
Attribution Requirements or Usage Restrictions None
CSV File Upload
Bulk Geocoding
Reverse Geocoding
Data Enrichment Congressional districts
State legislative districts
School districts
FIPS Codes
Census Tract/Block
Census CSA/MSA
Statistics Canada
Federal and Provincial Ridings
American Community Survey (ACS) data
Congressional districts
Vacancy Status
Residential/Commercial Status
FIPS Codes

The information in this table is based on publicly-available information on other providers' websites. We do our best to keep it updated, but if you find any errors, please let us know. Read the other providers' full Terms: SmartyStreets, Google, Bing, HERE, and TomTom.

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Google Maps

Unfortunately we are unable to show results from Google Maps, as it is against their terms of service to publicly benchmark against Google Maps, or use Google Maps geocoding on a non-Google Map.

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Geocodio vs Google Geocoding

If you need navigation, Google is a good option, but their geocoding terms are more restrictive than Geocodio.
See Comparison

Geocodio vs Mapbox Geocoding

Generally, Mapbox is great for when you need to create highly detailed visual maps, but their geocoding terms are more restrictive than Geocodio.

Geocodio vs Smarty (SmartyStreets)

Compare Geocodio and Smarty (SmartyStreets) geocoders.

Geocodio vs Bing

Like Google, if you need navigation, Bing is a good option, but their geocoding terms are more restrictive than Geocodio.

Geocodio vs HERE

Looking for a less restrictive geocoding alternative to HERE?

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Third-Party Comparison: Geocodio vs Google Maps API vs Smarty (SmartyStreets)

GeoPhy, which creates software for commercial real estate, published the results of their own benchmarking of Geocodio, Google Maps API, and Smarty (SmartyStreets).
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