Financial Services

Gather the geographic data you need for risk management, underwriting, and compliance

Hundreds of banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other financial services companies use Geocodio for their data needs.

Geocodio allows you to quickly add data to thousands or millions of addresses, such as latitude/longitude coordinates, Census tracts, MSAs, Census demographic data, and more. Unlike most data providers, Geocodio is completely restriction-free and has both API and spreadsheet upload options.

Geocodio is built to handle large datasets. Whether you have regular ongoing geocoding and Census data append needs or a list of 100 million addresses, we can help you. You can upload a file of addresses or coordinates that is up to 1 GB per upload, and upload multiple datasets simultaneously. You can also run batches of 10,000 through our API in parallel, with no rate limiting (for the Unlimited plan). We also have custom on-premise options available.

Financial Services

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Scalable and Secure

Built for Batch Conversion

API or Excel/CSV uploads for bulk address processing

Census Geographies

Add FIPS Codes, MSAs/CSAs, Block and Tract IDs for the 2010-2020 Census years

Census Statistics

Add Census demographics, median household income, and more


HIPAA-compliant and on-premise versions available


We never share or sell your data. Ever.

Flexible Terms

Store, integrate, reuse data without any restrictions.

Mortgage iQ CRM

Mortgage iQ CRM helps mortgage lenders increase their revenue by improving the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts. Founded in 1992, their hybrid technology and consulting services help retail and wholesale lenders find more profitable clients and identify business process gaps.

Using MiQ's robust CRM, lead management and marketing platform, mortgage lenders can assign territories to both retail loan officers as well as wholesale account executive sales teams. Geographic targeting for account assignment is key to helping mortgage sales professionals become more effective.

Before its integration of Geocodio, MiQ was limited to using states, counties, and ZIP code data for geographic targeting. In many cases these points just weren't targeted enough to help customers create the precise sales territories needed in order to obtain next-level results. Now, using geocoding and the Haversine Distance Formula, MiQ can create criteria based on geographic radiuses in their databases to help originators find local real estate agents to drive new business and help loan officers prioritize their work by tracking in-progress loans within their territory.

β€œGeocodio is very easy to work with as a partner and solution. We've integrated with hundreds of products in our almost-30 years in the business and with Geocodio integration is simple, with great support. The price point and pricing structure is also very accommodating and allows us to easily trial a new customer without significant cost.”
Chris King, President and Founder
Mortgage iQ CRM
The American Automobile Association (AAA)
Farmers Insurance
Odyssey Re
CSE Insurance Group
Sheffield Financial

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Download a sample spreadsheet of addresses with FIPS codes, Census blocks, MSAs, and other Census geographies added.
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Geocodio takes data security seriously, and we can meet your IT security needs.

Add FIPS Codes, Blocks/Tracts, and MSAs to Addresses

Geocodio can help you add FIPS codes, blocks, and tracts to addresses going back to the 2010 Census year.


We never share, sell, or otherwise give third parties access to your data.

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Unlimited Geocoding

Our Unlimited plan is not rate-limited and gives you private, dedicated hardware to process your data.

FFIEC Geocoder Alternative

Geocodio is a faster way to bulk lookup Census tracts, blocks, and FIPS codes for addresses.

Why Geocodio's Results Sometimes Differ from the FFIEC

Geocodio is more accurate than the US Census Bureau/FFIEC geocoder, which occasionally leads to differences in results.
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