Financial Services

Hundreds of banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other financial services companies use Geocodio for their data needs.

Geocodio allows you to quickly add data to thousands or millions of addresses, such as latitude/longitude coordinates, Census tracts, MSAs, Census demographic data, and more. Unlike most data providers, Geocodio is completely restriction-free and has both API and spreadsheet upload options.

Geocodio is built to handle large datasets. Whether you have regular ongoing geocoding and Census data append needs or a list of 100 million addresses, we can help you. You can upload a file of addresses or coordinates that is up to 1 GB per upload, and upload multiple datasets simultaneously. You can also run batches of 10,000 through our API in parallel, with no rate limiting. We also have custom on-premise options available.

Financial Services

Built for Batch Conversion

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  • Coordinates to Addresses
  • API
  • Upload Spreadsheets

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