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Geocodio: a more flexible Bing Maps geocoding alternative

Most geocoding providers, including Bing, have restrictions on how you use results from their services. Most, for example, won't allow you to store results in database.

Data from Geocodio can be cached and/or permanently stored without restrictions. We do not impose any restrictions on how you use the data or how you handle it. (See our Terms of Use.)

It's important to us to try to make your work as hassle-free as possible. That's why we don't put restrictions on how you use our results. For example, a few things you can do with Geocodio that you can't do with other providers:

  • Integrate latitude and longitude into your application
  • Store customer geographic data in your database
  • Geocode your sales leads
  • Capture geodata without displaying it on a map
  • Resell geocoding
  • And many more things that are prohibited by other geocoding providers

Bing Maps Geocoding Restrictions

Bing Maps has a lot of restrictions on how you use their geocoding, including:

  • Must be used with a Bing-branded map
  • Geocodes cannot be stored in a database, copied, stored, archived; the only exception is local use for an application and the application must be specifically named in an agreement
  • Cannot be used for navigation
  • Cannot be used for business asset tracking, fleet management, or dispatch without a special license
  • Cannot be used for sales leads
  • Cannot be resold without a specific license
  • Different pricing and usage restrictions based on license type
  • Plus additional restrictions

Read Bing's full terms of service here.

Can you store, cache or export geocoded results from Bing Maps? Can you store, cache, or export geocoded results from Geocodio?

Results from Bing Maps Geocoding cannot be exported, stored in a database, or archived. The only exception is local use for an application and the application must be specifically named in an agreement.

Results cannot be reused and you must make a call every time you need an address geocoded, even if you have already gotten it from Bing Maps Geocoding.

Results from Geocodio are allowed be exported, stored or cached. Geocodio puts no restrictions on how you use the geocoded results. This means you only need to geocode an address or coordinate pair once from Geocodio and can store it as you wish.

Can you use Bing Maps geocodes on a non-Bing Maps map?

Addresses geocoded with Bing Maps must be shown on a Bing Maps map. You cannot show Bing Maps results on a non-Bing Maps map.

Geocodio results can be used with any map or map platform. There are no restrictions on how or where you show geocoded results from Geocodio. You can use them on any map platform, including Geocodio Maps, OpenStreetMaps, Mapbox, or Google Maps.

How much does Bing Maps geocoding cost?

Bing Maps geocoding has different pricing and usage limits based on the type of product, and their pricing is not easily available online. For many cases, you need to talk to a sales representative to get a quote.

Geocodio is designed to be hassle-free. You don't need to talk to a sales representative to get a quote or get started.

Can you use Bing Maps geocoding results for sales? Can you use Geocodio geocoding results for sales?

No, you cannot use Bing Maps geocoding for sales lead generation.

Yes, Geocodio results can be used for sales lead generation, advertiser targeting, or advertising analysis. There are no restrictions on how you use Geocodio results. There are no prohibited use cases with Geocodio.

Are there additional Bing Maps restrictions and prohibited use cases?

Yes. You can read Bing Maps' full terms of service, including restrictions on geocoding, here.

Can you resell or white label Bing Maps geocoding? Can your resell Geocodio geocoding?

No, you cannot resell Bing Maps geocoding. See here.

Geocodio results can be resold provided they are bundled as part of your broader services and not as a stand-alone (i.e., as long as you're not making a copy of Geocodio, reselling is permitted).

Does Bing Maps geocoding support points of interest (POIs)?

Bing Maps supports points of interest such as business locations.

Geocodio does not support points of interest.

Can I use Bing Maps geocoding if I have a spreadsheet of addresses or coordinates?

No, Bing Maps geocoding is API-only.

You can geocode spreadsheets with Geocodio.

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