February 15, 2021

Instance Management for Unlimited Customers

Unlimited customers can now add/remove instances, view instance load, and reassign API keys from the dashboard.

Geocodio Unlimited comes with physical dedicated instances for each customer. For people with high-volume geocoding needs (over 5 million lookups per day), you can add additional physical instances to linearly increase your geocoding capability.

Unlimited customers can now view their instance load, add/remove instances, and reassign API keys from the dashboard.

This is in a new section called "Instances," available from the left-hand dashboard menu for Unlimited customers. Standard Geocodio Unlimited customers can access it here and Geocodio+HIPAA customers can access it here.

![Screenshot of page to manage dedicated instance assignments](/img/instances main.png)

Server health metrics are available 24 hours after assignment.

Throughput guarantees are based on optimized batch processing.

You can add/remove instances and see throughput increases and cost implications.

purchasing an additional instance modal

cancel additional instance modal

You can also reassign API keys by going to the API keys page (standard Geocodio, Geocodio Enterprise). If you have multiple instances, you will notice a new "Re-assign instances" button.

![screenshot of API keys management page, with a circle around button in top right hand corner to re-assign instances](/img/reassign instances button.png)

![page to reassign API keys to instances](/img/reassign instances api key.png)

If you have any questions about additional instances, please email us.

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