Data retention policy

Geocodio's data retention policies.

Data retention policy

API Usage

For every API call made to Geocodio's Geocoding API, we store the following data:

  • User-Agent Header
  • IP Address
  • Type of request
  • Query †
  • Selected field appends

† The query is only stored for non-batch requests and is never stored in Geocodio's Enterprise environment

In addition, we store a variety of performance metrics, including:

  • Accuracy metrics
  • HTTP response status code
  • Processing time

On the 1st of each month, we roll up the previous month's usage to aggregated-usage only. After this point, we only keep the number of requests per day per API key.

All other data such as IP addresses, queries and selected field appends are excluded from the roll-up.

14 days after the roll-up has been generated, we delete the detailed logs.

This means that detailed usage information is kept for a maximum of 46 days but as little as 14 days.

Spreadsheet uploads

Spreadsheet uploads are stored until explicitly deleted in the dashboard.

Spreadsheet uploads are automatically deleted 72 hours after processing is completed in for Geocodio's Enterprise environment

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