Add ZIP+4 (ZIP9), Carrier Route IDs, and More

Add USPS data such as ZIP+4 (ZIP9), carrier route IDs, and more to addresses or coordinates

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ZIP+4 and ZIP9

ZIP+4 start and end ranges

Exact match

No ambiguity with the lookup and that the given ZIP+4 code is the correct.

Carrier Route ID

Qualify for bulk mail prices by including Carrier Route IDs

Record Type

Such as PO Box, street or high rise.

Building or Firm Name

Only if provided to USPS

Government Building

Type of government building (if applicable).

Facility Code

Facility code associated with the 5-digit ZIP Code

City Delivery Indicator

Indicates whether our not the local post office has a city delivery carrier route.

Valid Delivery Area

Address exists, but not a valid mailing address.

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Detailed Results Key

Download an example list of addresses with ZIP+4, carrier route IDs, and more added. See the data dictionary.
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Go to the API documentation on ZIP+4.


ZIP+4 data appends count as an additional lookup. Estimate your costs here.
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