Bulk Convert ZIP Codes to Coordinates

How to convert ZIP codes to latitude/longitude coordinates using Geocodio

This article shows you how to batch convert zip codes to latitude/longitude coordinates using Geocodio. You can test the Geocodio service below to find lat/lon coordinates from one zip code.

With Geocodio, you can choose to get the raw data back (via spreadsheet or API), or view the zip codes on a map.

How to Convert ZIP Codes to Latitude/Longitude Coordinates

1. Organize the ZIP codes you want to turn into GPS coordinates in a spreadsheet

The first step will be to organize the zip codes into a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet will need to have headers, as shown below.


2. Upload the spreadsheet to Geocodio to convert ZIP to lat/lon coordinates

Once your spreadsheet is organized, you can upload it directly to Geocodio. You will select the columns where your data is, see an example of the results, and be able to optionally add on other data.

You will see an estimate for cost and processing time before you submit. For pay-as-you-go usage, you will be charged on the first of the following month. You can also estimate costs here.

3. Download your completed spreadsheet with coordinates added

You will receive an email when your spreadsheet is done processing - no need to stay on the page. You can download an example result of a spreadsheet of zip codes to coordinates here.

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Terms of Use

Geocodio has permissive terms of use. Unlike most major geocoders, we let you store the data and don't prohibit use in specific industries like advertising or asset management.
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Data Retention Policy

You can delete spreadsheets as soon as they are done processing, and the contents of batch requests are never stored.

Spreadsheet Formatting

See how to format your spreadsheet for geocoding or reverse geocoding.
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