Geocodio vs TomTom

Compare Geocodio vs TomTom Geocoders

Geocodio and TomTom are both tools that will convert addresses into GPS latitude/longitude coordinates and coordinates into addresses.

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TomTom has pay-as-you-go pricing: 2,500/free per day, then €0.50/1,000. Prepaid credits are required to exceed the free tier, and expire within a year.

Geocodio has one set of pricing regardless of use case, and prices start at $0.50/1,000 for pay-as-you-go usage. Prepaid credit purchases are optional, and do not expire.

Data Storage and Caching

TomTom prohibits data storage, and caching is only allowed under specific conditions. TomTom results may be shown on third-party maps and with third-party data. TomTom data may not be used in derivitive works. See Section 12 of TomTom's Maps API Terms.

Geocodio's permissive terms do not impose usage restrictions. Data storage, caching, and transfer are permitted. Geocodio results may be shown on third-party maps and with third-party data. Geocodio data may be used in derivitive works.

Points of Interest

TomTom supports points of interest (POIs). See more here.

Geocodio does not support POIs.

Geographic Coverage

TomTom has worldwide support.

Geocodio supports US and Canada.

Additional Data

In addition to geocoding, TomTom can provide traffic data, driving directions, POIs, and electric charger stations.

In addition to geocoding, Geocodio can provide timezones, Census/Statistics Canada geographies and data, school districts, Congressional districts, Federal and Provincial Ridings, and state legislative districts.


TomTom supports autocomplete through their Search API.

Geocodio does not support autocomplete.

Rate Limiting

TomTom has a rate limit of 5 requests per second.

Geocodio has a rate limit of 1,000 requests per second for the pay-as-you-go plan. There is no rate limiting on the Unlimited plan.

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