How to get geocoordinates for an address with Google Maps

You can use Google Maps to one-by-one look up the geocoordinates (latitude and longitude) for an address. Or you can use Geocodio and just upload your spreadsheet in one go.

If you have a project that requires finding the geocoordinates for an address? You've come to the right place.

You can follow the steps below to one-by-one find coordinates for addresses with Google Maps. This only takes a minute if you only have one address. But if you have a list of 10 or 100 addresses, you could spend an hour if not more looking all of them up manually.

To save time, you could instead upload your spreadsheet of addresses to Geocodio and Geocodio will automatically add the coordinates. (Please note, Geocodio only works for the US and Canada.) See how to format your spreadsheet here, and then you can upload it here.

You can also do a one-by-one lookup with Geocodio below, just to see how it works.

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Get Geocoordinates (Latitude and Longitude) for Addresses with Google Maps

1. Open your browser and go to Google Maps

You can do this by typing "maps" into Google, or by going directly to

2. In the Google Maps address bar, enter the address you need geographic coordinates for

First, find the search bar in the upper left:

Google Maps search bar

Then, enter the address. Let's say the address is 1501 E San Marnan Dr, Waterloo, Iowa.

Search bar showing the address we need geocoordinates for from Google Maps (1501 E San Marnan Dr, Waterloo, IA 50702, USA)

Press enter.

3. Right click on the address in Google Maps to get the latitude and longitude coordinates

First, find the location on the map.

Location on the map

If you right-click on the address point, you'll see a menu pop up that includes the coordinates, like this:

Google Maps right click menu with geocoordinates

If you mouse-over the coordinates and then click, it will automatically copy them to your clipboard.

Copy coordinates from Google Maps

And that's it!

Isn't there a faster way to look up coordinates than entering them into Google Maps?

There is!

If you have only have one address you need the geographic coordinates for, this is a pretty quick process. But if you have more than that, it can be time consuming to manually enter each address and have to right-click to copy each time.

You could instead upload your addresses in a spreadsheet to Geocodio, and Geocodio will just take care of it.

Make sure to follow our advice for formatting a spreadsheet of addresses, and remember we only support the US and Canada.

After you upload it, we'll send you an email when it's done, so you can get on with your work without spending minutes or hours manually looking up coordinates via Google Maps.

Using Geocodio allows us to offload work that could otherwise regularly consume hours, if not days of time, from our analysts. It allows us to focus on what really matters to our customers.
Larry Daniel, Managing Director

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