September 19, 2019

Geocodio now returns historical Census tracts

You can now get Census tracts, blocks, and more going back to 2000

Do you need to work with historical Census blocks, tracts, and other divisions? With the new version 1.4 of our API, you can specify the year for Census data, going back to 2010. [Update, January 2022: You can now request boundaries from the 2000 Census as well.]

The data returned includes FIPS codes, tracts, blocks, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Census Designated Areas, and Metropolitan Divisions. (Historical ACS data, such as demographics, is not available.)

You can request multiple years simultaneously, but note that each counts as an individual lookup. For example, requesting census2010, census2015, and census2019 would count as four lookups (initial lookup + three fields).

Past-year Census tracts, blocks, and geographies have a wide variety of uses, such as in research, mortgage compliance, insurance. For those with compliance needs, Geocodio's API is a batch processing alternative to the FFIEC geocoder, allowing you to process thousands or even millions of addresses.

As this is a breaking change, we have introduced a new API version. You'll need to use the v1.4 base URL to retrieve this data.

Historical Census tracks are also available via spreadsheet uploads.

If you have any questions about historical Census data, please contact us.

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