November 11, 2019

Introducing: Geocodio Maps

Create beautiful maps without the headache of surprise bills from page views

We've gotten many requests over the years to customize the preview maps, like changing marker styles, adding info pop-ups for each point, combining multiple spreadsheets, and overlaying boundaries like Congressional districts, counties, and school districts.

We've also heard many frustrations about how most mapping platforms change per page view, leading to unpredictable costs.

So we're thrilled to introduce our new mapping platform, Geocodio Maps. All maps have unlimited views, for a flat $49/month. You can customize markers, pop-ups, and boundary colors. You can even one-click import files from Geocodio -- without it going against the credits included in the subscription.

You can try it out for free here. Your first map with up to 100 locations is free.

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