February 15, 2021

Add 11 Digit FIPS (FIPS to Census Tract level) to Addresses or Coordinates

The 11-digit FIPS (FIPS to Census Tract level) is helpful for HMDA, CRA, and other government dataset and regulatory compliance needs.

Are you working with government data and need to add the 11-digit FIPS code -- that is, the FIPS code that goes to the Census tract level -- to addresses or coordinates?

Geocodio now returns the 11-digit FIPS with all Census results. It is in its own column as "FIPS (tract)."

We still provide the FIPS to the block level as well.

You can upload a spreadsheet of addresses and add the 11-digit FIPS here. Select "Census" in Step 3. You can also select the Census year you want, going back to 2010.

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