November 17, 2021

API Updates: v1.7, CSV via API, and more

We've recently added several new features to the Geocodio API.


Released on November 12, 2021

  • Breaking: The state_legislative_districts key from the stateleg field append now returns an array of house and senate districts instead of a single object.
  • The stateleg-next field append is back! Now returning a preview from upcoming state legislative district changes. As with congressional districts, we are updating district data on an ongoing basis as more states complete their redistricting process.
  • stateleg and stateleg-next can now return all districts that intersect with a zip code boundary along with the proportion of overlap.
  • cd118 has been added as a field append, returning districts for the upcoming 118th Congress. Districts are updated on an ongoing basis as more states complete their redistricting process.

Note: upcoming state legislative districts are only available via API.

Lists API

The lists API lets you upload spreadsheets up to 1GB in size. Similar to the spreadsheet feature in the dashboard, the spreadsheet will be processed as a job on Geocodio's infrastructure and can be downloaded at a later time. While a spreadsheet is being processed it is possible to query the status and progress.

 Data for spreadsheets processed through the lists API are automatically deleted 72 hours after they have finished processing.

The lists API is in public beta, and is currently only available for Geocodio Unlimited customers. Please contact us if you are not subscribed to our Unlimited plan but still want access during the beta period.

See the documentation on the lists API here.

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