January 11, 2024

Annoucing the New Geocodio Maps

Interactive, sharable, customizable maps now come free with all spreadsheet uploads

Whether it's to share the product of data analysis you've done with coworkers, embed a map of store locations on your website, or get a high-quality map to put into a presentation, creating and sharing an interactive map is often the next step after geocoding a list of addresses.

To make that easier and faster, we've redesigned our mapping product to help you go from raw address data to a presentable map.

Best of all...

Maps are now free!

Maps are now provided at no extra cost to you. Any spreadsheet you upload and geocode can be turned into a map that is included in the price.

Everyone can plot up to 100,000 markers per map and can create as many maps as they require.

Maps are now integrated with the Geocodio dashboard

Gone are the days of having to login to a separate website to access your maps. Instead, check out the Maps section of your Geocodio dashboard.

From there, you can create new maps using your existing uploads or any new spreadsheet uploads you make.

A new look

We've significantly improved the performance and appearance of Geocodio Maps, even those with thousands of data points. This should lead to optimized load times, smoother interactivity, and improved ease-of-use.

Feature-rich without being complicated

Our goal is for you to be able to quickly create a map so you can get on with the rest of your work. To that end, Geocodio Maps is focused on some of the most common mapping needs and gives you the ability to create dynamic maps that reflect your data the way you need it to.

  • Add layers on top of your map to reflect different geographic boundaries like: states, counties, Congressional districts, school districts, and more
  • Style your map by customizing marker icons, colors and sizes. You can categorize your rows to style different categories in different ways.
  • Add a pop-up modal that will display custom information for each marker when you click on it
  • Download an image of your maps or share an interactive version.
  • Embed your maps to your website using custom HTML code.
  • Add new rows to your spreadsheet and geocode that data directly in the Geocodio Maps platform. (Note: Data geocoded using this method will still count toward your total lookup usage for the month. This could increase the cost of the initial spreadsheet upload.)

For more information on how to use Geocodio Maps, check out our tutorial guides.

What this means for maps created through our previous mapping options

Previously, there were two ways to make a map with Geocodio: the "Preview" button after uploading a file, and a seperate mapping product called Geocodio Maps.

If you previously shared a link to a map using the "Preview" button from the dashboard, it will continue to be publicly accessible for the time being. However, that functionality is no longer available from the dasboard. If you'd like to make changes to that map, you'll need to use the new experience. Go to the dashboard, find the file, and click "Create Map." The new experience is included for past uploads as well, so you won't be charged again.

If you subscribed to our previous Geocodio Maps service, you still have access to all of the maps you've already created. All your styles and settings have been transferred over. All impacted customers have received several emails about this transition over the last few months. If you have questions about your previous subscription, please email us.

Try it now for free

If you've already uploaded files to Geocodio, head to the dashboard and click the "Create Map" button for any of your previously-uploaded spreadsheets.

You can also try it by uploading a spreadsheet. The first 2,500 lookups per day are free.

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