What's different in Geocodio+HIPAA

Comparing Geocodio Standard with Geocodio+HIPAA


Geocodio's HIPAA-compliant product is called Geocodio+HIPAA. On the surface, it is very similar to our standard Geocodio product but there are some key differences to take note of.


Geocodio Standard and Geocodio+HIPAA share the same feature set, including the option to geocode addresses or coordinates using the API or spreadsheet upload tool as well as request any of our additional data appends.

Some notable differences include:

  • Geocodio+HIPAA does not support the lists API at this time. Single and batch geocoding is still possible through the API.
  • For security reasons, spreadsheet uploads are automatically deleted 72 hours after they have completed processing.


Geocodio+HIPAA's infrastructure has been built from the ground up with a strict set of security controls.

This includes using a completely separate HIPAA-compliant US data center, full encryption in transit and at rest, strict session timeouts and password policies and much more.


A monthly or annual subscription is offered for Geocodio+HIPAA. Pay-as-you-go is only available for Geocodio Standard.

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