Add Counties to Addresses

This article shows you how to add counties to addresses using Geocodio. This can be useful for many purposes, such as clustering addresses by county using a pivot table, or mapping addresses by county. With Geocodio, you can choose to get the raw data back (via spreadsheet or API), or view the addresses on a map with county outlines.

Adding Counties to a Spreadsheet of Addresses:

1. Organize the addresses you want to add counties to in a spreadsheet

The first step will be to organize the addresses into a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet will need to have headers (street, city, state or street + zip). The addresses can all be in one column or in multiple columns, as shown below, as long as it is consistent for the entire spreadsheet.

example showing multiple column and single column header formats

You can also download an example spreadsheet here. The addresses can be missing information as long as they are all consistently formatted. For example, you can have street + zip for some addresses and street + city + state for others.

2. Upload the spreadsheet to Geocodio to add counties

Once your spreadsheet is organized, you can upload it directly to Geocodio. You will select the columns where your data is, see an example of the results, and be able to optionally add on other data (such as Congressional districts or Census tracts). Counties are included by default with geocoding.

3. Download your completed spreadsheet with counties added

You will receive an email when your spreadsheet is done processing -- no need to stay on the page. You can download an example completed spreadsheet with counties added here.

Make a Map of Addresses with County Outlines

You can also use Geocodio Maps to show a map with county outlines.

If you've already uploaded the file above, you would click "Edit in Geocodio Maps" from the dashboard.

1. Add county layer to map

Upon opening the map, you would then click the plus button next to the file name and select "add layer."

Add layer button

2. Select County or County Subdivision

Next you would select Counties or County Subdivisions (the latter being the Census Bureau's terminology and definition).

Image showing map layer options

3. View County Outlines on the Map

Now you should see the county outlines on the map, as below:

Map showing county borders

Adding Counties to Addresses via API

You can also use the Geocodio API to add counties. You can do single requests for real-time geocoding, or use our batch geocoding endpoint to do batches of up to 10,000 at a time. Multiple batches can be run in parallel. See more in our documentation here.

Example API result showing counties added to address via API

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Preparing your spreadsheet

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