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See if Geocodio is the right fit for your needs and budget. No sales call required.

Geocodio is designed for you to be able to see if it's a fit for what you need and your budget without having to talk to someone first.

For standard Geocodio, the first 2,500 lookups per day are free. This includes both the spreadsheet upload tool and the API.

You do not need to add a credit card to your account to be able to use the free tier. You can just sign up and start processing data right away.

Demo Tool

You can use this tool to test a single address/latitude-longitude pair and see what is returned by the different categories of data appends. There is no signup required, and the data is not stored.

Get an estimate

A "lookup" is one geocoding query (forwards or reverse). Data appends are considered an additional lookup. For example, 100 addresses plus timezone would be 200 lookups. You can use the Pricing Calculator below to estimate the cost for the data you need.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I test the HIPAA-compliant version?

We do not have a free tier for our HIPAA-compliant version. We do suggest than anyone interested in HIPAA demo standard Geocodio first with test data. The API and spreadsheet upload function the same from a user perspective (the differences are in the underlying infrastructure, access controls, and so forth). If you need to test it with real data, a single month of Geocodio+HIPAA is $2,500 with no commitment required.

Is my data safe? Will you sell my data?

Your data is safe with Geocodio. We never share or sell your data, ever.

Can I pay via invoice?

For pay-as-you-go, there is a minimum $500 credit purchase for invoice payments. (We cannot support invoice payments for regular pay-as-you-go usage.) If you require an invoice, please let us know if a PO or other specifics are be required from your accounts payable department.

Do you plan to support countries outside of the US and Canada?

We currently support US and Canada, and may expand to other countries in the future. If you need worldwide geocoding from one solution, Geocodio is not the right tool for you.

Can my InfoSec team do a security review?

We can accommodate security reviews for our HIPAA-compliant version only. Please email us a detailed description of your needs. We are happy to work with your InfoSec team and can send them our latest penetration test results, security documentation, and other relevant operational documentation.

Can we set up a call?

Please email us a detailed description of what you're looking for. We've found that most questions can be handled via email. If not, we can find time for a call. You can email us at

Where can I find your Terms of Service?

Our standard Terms are linked below. We are happy to work with your legal team if they have questions. Custom negotiated contracts are only available for annual plans ($11,400 for standard Geocodio or $25,000/year for HIPAA). Please email us before having your legal team do redlines, as the draft we use is slightly different. You can reach us at

Privacy Policy

We never share or sell your data. Ever.
See Privacy Policy

Reliable with high uptime

Geocodio's resilient, hardened infrastructure processes over 2 billion lookups per month.

Data Retention Policy

Specifies the kinds of data we keep and how long we keep it for.

Terms of Service

Geocodio's Terms of Use and API Use Guidelines.

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