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Getting Started

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What is Geocodio Maps?

Geocodio Maps is a simple, easy to use addition to your account dashboard that allows you to visualize the addresses or coordinates in your spreadsheets as markers on a map. You can style and customize these markers using different icons and colors, as well as add pop-up descriptors that activate on click.

Interactive maps are shareable, embeddable and can be downloaded as image file.

Maps is included as part of your account and can be used on any spreadsheet you upload at no extra cost. We are only able to render maps on spreadsheets with less than 100,000 rows.

  1. How to Create A Map
  2. How to Add a Layer
  3. How to Style Your Map
  4. How to Share Your Map
  5. How to Add and Geocode Rows to Your Map Spreadsheet

Geocodio Maps was once a separate subscription service. If you were once a Geocodio Maps subscriber, your account with that service has been closed and canceled - and all of your existing maps and any excess credits have been transferred over to your regular Geocodio account. You can continue to use the new version of Geocodio Maps without the previous subscription fee.

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