Frustrated with Google Maps Geocoding Support?

You deserved to be helped by a real person without jumping through lots of hoops

Frustrated by the (lack of) support from Google Maps Geocoding?

You're not the only one. When you've got a critical issue or need help getting started, it's frustrating to get sent to a support forum or an FAQ.

Need to find a phone number, support email, or other way to reach a real person for Google Maps Geocoding support?

Google Maps Platform makes you pay extra for support -- and you still have to fill out a case form. You can't just get directly through to a person.

You deserve to be helped. By a real person who cares.

Geocodio is different. We're a much smaller company, and we take support seriously: all of our support is done by our founders. You can reach us directly via email and if necessary, we can schedule a call.

If there's a problem, we'll fix it. If you think we should be doing things differently, we'll listen to you. We care about the quality of our service and think it's important that customers are helped.

Geocodio: A Google Maps Geocoding Alternative for US & Canada

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Geocodio starts at 2,500 free lookups per day and $0.50/1,000 after that.
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Store data without restrictions

You can store data from Geocodio without restrictions.

We never share or sell your data. Ever.

We take your privacy seriously and don't sell any customer data to third parties. We don't even run ads.
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