Geocodio vs Google Maps Platform

Google recently slashed their free tier to 40,000 per month and increased their prices 8x to $4/1,000. And they require a credit card even if your usage falls under the free tier.

With Geocodio, the first 2,500 lookups per day are always free, and no credit card is required. After that, our pricing is simple and affordable: $0.50/1,000, or $750/month for unlimited geocoding.

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Geocodio vs Google Maps Platform

Bulk geocoding and restrictions

Geocodio is built for bulk geocoding and we have no restrictions on how you use and store data from our service.

Google Maps Platform imposes lots of restrictions on how data can be used and stored, and doesn't allow many use cases such as ads, ridesharing or fleet tracking without expensive, custom contracts.

Data quality

Geocodio and Google use different data sources. Geocodio relies on official government datasets for our underlying data (mostly from local and state governments).

Sometimes, Geocodio is more accurate, and sometimes, Google is. Use our Compare map to see how both services locate an address.

Rate limiting

With Google Maps Platform, you are limited to 50 API calls per second, and will be throttled if you exceed this limit.

Geocodio does not limit or throttle usage for any of our plans. Geocodio was designed with from the ground up to support high volume batch geocoding.

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What happens when you exceed the Google Geocoding API Rate Limit?

Google has complicated rate limits in place for their geocoding.