Unlimited Geocoding

Unlimited geocoding of US and Canadian addresses with Geocodio

Whether it's a one-time list or an ongoing need, Geocodio Unlimited might be a good option for you.

Why do people choose Geocodio Unlimited?

Every organization has their own reasons for choosing Geocodio Unlimited. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Having a large one-time list they need to run, and wanting to pay a flat rate for it
  • Having high-volume ongoing needs (over 2,850,000 lookups per month is the break point for where this makes sense)
  • Their legal department requiring custom terms
  • Wanting dedicated private resources for their data
  • Wanting priority support

Flexible Commitments

Geocodio Unlimited is available as a month-to-month or annual subscription.

By default, Geocodio Unlimited is month-to-month and renews automatically.

If you only need access for one month, you can cancel right after upgrading via the dashboard. You'll have access for 30 days and the access will not renew.

Everything Is Included

Geocodio Unlimited includes access to spreadsheet uploads and the API. All of the data appends are included.

You will just need to keep them in mind when calculating how much processing capacity you need. Our pricing calculator can be helpful for calculating the number of lookups.

Dedicated Resources

The base subscription to Geocodio Unlimited gives you access to a single dedicated and private instance of Geocodio. A single instance can process about 200,000 lookups per hour, or 4.8 million per day, when optimized with batch processing.

This is not a rate limit. It is the processing capacity of the hardware.

Custom Scaling

If you need to process more than 4.8M per day, we can create and manage a custom cluster for you. This enables you to scale your processing capability linearly; for example, adding two instances would increase your daily processing power to 14.4 million per day.

Additional instances are available month-to-month without commitment or on an annual basis.

Custom Agreements

If your legal department would like to negotiate custom terms, please reach out to us. Custom agreements are only available for annual Unlimited customers.

Security Reviews

If your IT security department requires a security review, please reach out to us. Security reviews as part of the procurement process are available with an annual agreement to our HIPAA-compliant product.

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