April 24, 2019

April Product Update

New features, new integrations, and more

ProPublica: Using Geocodio to Build a News App

Non-profit news organization ProPublica recently built a news app to bring transparency to parking ticket issuance in Chicago, and they selected Geocodio as the geocoder behind the project. They published a detailed overview of the project and how the built the application, and included why they used Geocodio. See more here.

Congressional Contact Info + MailChimp

We've created a guide to adding Congressional contact information to a list and integrating it with MailChimp. See the step-by-step guide here!

Reminder: Status.Geocod.io

You can always see the status of our systems at status.geocod.io. We recently added additional detailed performance metrics. You can also subscribe for status-specific updates.

Now returning: Metropolitan Divisions

We now return Metropolitan Divisions when you request Census data. Along with Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Combined Statistical Areas, Metropolitan Divisions can be used to locate the nearest major city to an address and can be helpful for clustering addresses.

Turn off spreadsheet upload emails

Don't want an email every time you, or someone on your Geocodio Team, uploads a spreadsheet? You can now turn them off!

Try our Zapier integration?

Zapier can be used to connect many different products with no code required. We currently have a Zapier app in testing that you can use to connect Geocodio to Salesforce, MailChimp, Google Spreadsheets, and many more apps. If you'd like to try it, please click here! It is currently in private beta and only accessible via that link.

OpenAPI Spec: Feedback wanted!

We have a draft of an OpenAPI spec. If you are so inclined, take a look here. We are eager to hear your thoughts.

Customer Spotlight: Arizona Daily Star

Due to several changes over at Google, we’ve decided to make Geocodio our provider for geocoding. We previously did some bulk geocoding through Geocodio and liked it well enough but didn’t want to break existing code that was working fine. Well, Google was kind enough to break our code for us. Within minutes we switched to Geocodio and our software works again!

We like that Geocodio’s service is more accurate, faster, offers more data, costs less, and has fewer restrictions than Google while presenting responses in a similar enough result format to the Google Maps geocoder that makes it easy to move over existing code. -- Thomas Hruska, Web Developer

We love to hear from our customers. If you'd like to tell us more about how you use Geocodio, share any feature requests you have, or just want to chat, please reach out!

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