February 21, 2022

New data append: Canadian Provincial/Territorial Ridings

Geocodio can now return the provincial and territorial-level electoral districts (ridings) in Canada.

Working with political districts in Canada? Good news! Geocodio can now return provincial/territorial-level electoral districts (aka ridings).

We already support national-level ridings and are excited to complete our options for electoral districts in Canada.

Provincial ridings are available for both spreadsheet uploads and API.

Please note: data for Nunavut is not available.

Data returned for provincial ridings

  • OCD-ID (such as ocd-division/country:ca/ed:59003-2013)
  • English riding name
  • French riding name
  • Riding source

Add ridings to addresses or coordinates via API

You can also use our API for single address/coordinate lookups, batches, or bulk CSV processing via API. See our technical documentation here.


Requests are billed as geocode + riding info (i.e., two lookups). For example, if you have 100 addresses that you want ridings for, that would count as 200 lookups.

You can calculate how much this will cost you and how long it will take here. Note that prices are in USD.

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