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Geocodio can add Ridings (Canadian Legislative Districts) to addresses or latitude/longitude coordinates.

You can download an example of the results when you add Ridings to a list of addresses or coordinates here.

Your spreadsheet needs to have one of the following address/coordinate heading formats in order to add ridings:

  • Complete address (in one column or separate columns, as long as it's consistent for the entire spreadsheet):

    • Street address + city + province + postal code + Country (with "Canada" included exactly and not abbreviated)
  • We can also add ridings for incomplete addresses, such as:

    • Street address + city + province + Country (with "Canada" included exactly and not abbreviated)
    • Street address + postal code + Country (with "Canada" included exactly and not abbreviated)

Combinations of the above will work (i.e., some addresses can be missing one of the pieces) and the ridings will still be added, as long as the heading format is consistent.

  • Coordinates

    • Latitude/longitude in one column
    • Latitude/longitude in separate columns (with headers)

For more, please see our step-by-step guide to adding ridings to a spreadsheet.

Data returned for ridings

  • Riding code (such as 24068)
  • English riding name
  • French riding name

Add ridings to addresses or coordinates via API

If you'd prefer to use an API instead, see our technical documentation here.


Requests are billed as geocode + riding info (i.e., two lookups). For example, if you have 100 addresses that you want ridings for, that would count as 200 lookups.

You can calculate how much this will cost you and how long it will take here. Note that prices are in USD.

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