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Given an address or coordinates, Geocodio will return statistical boundaries from Statistics Canada.

Data returned for Canadian Census boundaries given an address or coordinate pair include:

  • Division

    • Division ID
    • Division Name
    • Division Type Abbreviation
    • Division Type Description
  • Consolidated Subdivision

    • Consolidated Subdivision ID
    • Consolidated Subdivision Name
  • Subdivision

    • Subdivision ID
    • Subdivision Name
    • Subdivision Type Abbreviation
    • Subdivision Type Description
  • Economic Region
  • Statistical Area

    • Statistical Area Code
    • Statistical Area Code Description
    • Statistical Area Type
    • Statistical Area Type Description
  • Census Metropolitan Area or Census Agglomeration

    • CMA ID
    • CMA Name
    • CMA Type
    • CMA Type Description
  • Census Tract Code
  • Census Year

Address and Coordinate Formats

Note that Canadian addresses must be accompanied by "Canada" given exactly, whether as a column in the spreadsheet (multi-column format) or in the address (single-column format). See examples here.

API for Address or Coordinate to StatCan Boundaries

If you'd prefer to use an API, you can see our technical documentation here.