How to Geocode addresses in Excel

We made geocoding an Excel spreadsheet with addresses super easy. Simply process the list on our site, and we will geocode the list so you can continue working with it in Excel.

This also works for spreadsheets created with Apple Numbers or OpenOffice Calc.

1. Prepare your list

Make sure that each column has a name. It doesn't matter if you use a single column for the address or have a column for each.

Examples of headers on a spreadsheet

2. Upload your spreadsheet

Your spreadsheet can be securely uploaded here:

You will then be prompted to confirm and select the columns that contain address data.

Select columns

Followed by a quick preview to ensure that the Excel columns are interpreted correctly.

Preview results

You are optionally able to append additional data such as demographics, household income, and social statistics for each addresses's census block, or perhaps congressional districts, timezones or school districts.

Not interested? Simply hit "Continue".

Optionally append census/acs/timezone/congressional/legislator data

Finally, you will be prompted to enter your email and set a password so you can access the geocoded spreadsheet again in the future.

The first 2,500 rows per day are free. If you exceed this limit, you will be prompted to enter a credit card so we can bill you for the additional usage. Pricing starts at $0.50 per additional 1,000 addresses.


3. Back in Excel

For most spreadsheets, the processing time is just a few minutes. We'll email you when the spreadsheet is ready to be downloaded!

You now have a bunch of additional columns. Not only did we append the Latitude and Longitude but the address has also been standardized, along with additional appended data such as the County - or perhaps the zip code if it was missing.

We also return an accuracy score and accuracy type with each result so you can get a better overview of whether we had issues finding or interpreting any of the addresses.

Geocoded spreadsheet

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