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Accuracy Types & Scores

For every result, Geocodio will give you an accuracy type and an accuracy score. We recommend using a combination of the accuracy score and accuracy type to evaluate and filter the returned results.

Accuracy types include:

  • Rooftop: on the exact parcel
  • Point: generally, in front of the parcel on the street
  • Range interpolated: generally, in front of the parcel on the street
  • Nearest rooftop: the nearest rooftop point if the exact point is unavailable
  • Street center: A central point on the street
  • Intersection: An intersection between two streets
  • Place: city-level
  • State: state-level

Given a random sample evenly distributed across the US, you can expect 70% of results to be rooftop, 20% to be range interpolated, and 10% to be other accuracy types.

Accuracy scores are a reflection of the amount of differences between the input and the output. We generally recommend using results with an accuracy score above 0.8. Results below that threshold can indicate potential issues, such as formatting issues or incomplete addresses.

  • 1: the exact input was returned
  • 0.8: Very close to the input with minor changes made
  • <0.6: More significant changes made; use these results with caution

Example: 47 N State St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

  • The full address

    • Accuracy type: rooftop
    • Accuracy score: 1
  • Incomplete address (remove a digit from the ZIP code)

    • Accuracy type: still rooftop
    • Accuracy score: 0.9, reflecting that we had to change the ZIP input to arrive at the result
  • Remove the street address and geocode just the city, state

    • Accuracy type: place (i.e., a centroid for the city)
    • Accuracy score: 1, as the city/state names were spelled correctly

See more about our data sources here.